Side Projects 

Read about Cherelle-Renée's other projects and guest appearances as a singer and performer here.


Camaleon -

After randomly meeting drummer Pato Sanchez in November 2008, and, a few months later, bassist Sergey Proshunin (and performing with Sergey onstage about half an hour after meeting him), Cherelle joined the Quito-based jazz combo Camaleon as a flutist. and performed with them  several times in 2009. Camaleon frequently collaborates with Ecuadorian rapper Guanaco and often does live shows with him.

Factory of Dreams -

Portuguese composer Hugo Flores asked Cherelle-Renée to appear as a backing vocalist on his 2009 album A Strange Utopia. Factory of dreams is an ongoing project with Hugo and singer Jessica Lehto.

Korsair -

Cherelle-Renée sings the role of Mere, a bionic woman who has lived her life as a science experiment and longs to experience the outside world in Swedish composer/bassist Anders Thonander's 2014 rock opera.

Nerd With a Flute -

Cherelle arranges popular sci-fi and fantasy film and TV themes for flute and films herself performing them on YouTube.

Scream Town -

Doing a project called Legend's Ghost calls for the occasional venture into the world of hauntings and ghosts. Cherelle has had the opportunity to play the offbeat, completely batty, spider-loving acrobat Natasha, the undead cannibalistic mayor's wife, and time-traveling steampunk mad scientist Dr. Olga Kadaver in magician Matt Dunn's haunted theme park Scream Town in Chaska, Minnesota. She finished her fourth season there in November 2018.

Scenes from a Hat

It's like Whose Line Is It, Anyway, except Minnesotan. Cherelle performed regularly with this team of short-form improv comics on Youtube, local Minnesota TV, and sometimes even at the House of Comedy in the Mall of America from 2017 to 2021.

Triskel -

Cherelle sang lead vocals in this Ecuadorian gothic metal band from 2011 to 2014, whose lyrics focus on Latin-American legends. She joined after meeting band members Cristhian Buitron, Fredy Ruiz, and Paúl Paredes at the Quito-based festival New Blood of Goth in 2011. In 2014, she parted ways with them due to philosophical and creative differences.

voXager -

Based on the popular German video game X and voXager creator Helge Kautz's novel Farnham's Legend, voXager is a synth-loaded space metal rock opera. Cherelle sings the role of the adventure-seeking (and somewhat impulsive) teenage space saurian Nopileos.

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