IMPORTANT: All of the content on this site is the intellectual property of Cherelle-Renée Childs unless otherwise stated. While Ms. Childs is open to the idea of her music being used in film and other projects, said music may only be used with her express permission.

Although I have been composing most of my life, I only recently decided I wanted to explore film music as another facet of my music career. If you are a filmmaker visiting this site, feel free to check out some of the samples I have here. One of my songs was  used in an Ecuadorian film called Espejos.

I have a degree in music from North Dakota State University. While there, I paid special attention to 20th century harmonic techniques and learned to use them to find new ways to create familiar atmospheres.

While writing in a style similar to Legend's Ghost's music is what would come most naturally to me, I can also experiment with other styles, depending on the needs of the filmmaker. I can most easily see my music in a thriller or fantasy movie, maybe something Edgar Allen Poe-related. But like I said, I am willing to experiment and I like a challenge.

Fees are negotiable, depending on the nature of the project and complexity of the music needed, if I need to record live musicians, etc. But generally speaking, I charge $40-50 per minute of music.

Demo reel Cherelle-Renee Childs.mp3

My musical demo reel.

The Portal.mp3

 From my 2014 album Gatekeepers, this is mainly a classical piece with a few synths thrown in here and there.

Love and the Riddle.mp3

 This is the love theme from my upcoming album The Suicidal Immortal.

Trouble end credits theme.mp3

 I did this as part of an experiment and liked how it turned out. Since the film I did it for was never released to my knowledge, this is not fully edited. But it does give a sense of how I use harmony and melody.

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