It's been a tradition in my family for a number of years for my mom to give each of us one of those three and a half inch notebooks for Christmas. While mine contain the usual shopping lists and addresses one might expect a notebook of that size to contain, they've also come to serve a different purpose for me: if I'm in a cafe by myself drinking wine, or in a park, or waiting for the bus, or having a break at work, I like to think about life, weird possibilities, odd scenarios, you name it, and just jot it down in my little notebooks. I've decided to post a few such musings.

"I'm sure even Lorelei has her quirks. There's got to be more to her life and what she does than simply being mysterious and dangerous. When no one's looking, she has her quirks. Maybe she talks to animals in funny voices or can't go to sleep until all her shoes are lined up perfectly. Or maybe the foods on her plate can't touch. You never know. Even mysterious, dangerous enchantresses have their quirks."

"I feel as though I constantly want to fly about without questioning how or why and just enjoy the adventure of feeling, yet I need to know the how and the why and analyze it to death. Such is my curse...and how I can forever amuse myself."

"I wish I'd been alive when the earth was young and fresh and even the simplest things were a mystery. People have this idea that everyone back then was ignorant, but it must have taken a great deal of intelligence to figure out all the basic things we take for granted. I want to feel like I've just been born, like I've just been thrust into this mysterious place with no previous experiences to use to try and make sense of it. To me, that would be the most beautifully terrifying thing a person could experience. At the same time, I like to walk through ancient ruins and wonder about the long-gone past. Feel the wisdom and wonder of so many bygone eras. I wish I could exist in all times, but not be all-knowing. Exist in all times without being any sort of deity, just being my own, naive human self, experiencing it all from the perspective of the newly created and of the curious soul of an aging world, all at once, until I screamed in fascination."

"I feel sometimes as if I'd be an anachronism in any era, somehow managing to convince those around me that I do, in fact, exist in the now, and yet still stranded between the distant past and the distant future, at home in both and in neither."

"How would it be to exist as a werewolf, except instead of turning into some fearsome carnivorous creature on the full moon, you turned into an ostrich?"