Like many artistic types, I dabble in more than one art form. Besides singing and composing, I also draw, paint, write, and act. I'd like to share some of my drawings and paintings here, even though they have little or nothing to do with Legend's Ghost.
Please remember that all of this artwork, like all of the site content unless otherwise indicated, is my intellectual property. If you would like to use it for whatever reason, please contact me first. Posters of some of the pictures are available at

The Face at the Edge of Enigma

In Legend's Ghost mythology, the Edge of Enigma is the gateway to the afterlife. In Gatekeepers, it is described as a portal at the edge of the universe guarded by a mysterious figure who died a long time ago and now waits for the one she loved in life to help her remember the answer to a long-forgotten riddle and thus open the portal.

Space Pumpkins

Chalk and oil pastel drawing of a planet with orbiting pumpkin moons, just because I can't help but hope that in a universe the size of ours, there's a planet like that somewhere.

 Edge of the Universe

I've always been fascinated with outer space. As a young child, maybe 6 or 7 years old, I would lie in bed at night and wonder what the edge of the universe looked like. I figured if it were finite, there had to be some kind of boundary. I imagined that boundary to be something like hitting a brick wall. And of course, I always wondered what might be on the other side of that wall, but that's another story.

 Planet Mitosis

I had a dream a few years ago about a planet dividing into two separate planets, similar to the way a cell undergoes mitosis. the planet never seemed to actually finish dividing, so it continued to float through space as a double planet. (I wonder how the physics of that would work) It looked so cool, I just had to draw it.

Think Feel

No explanation needed, really...

No title

Besides planets, my favorite thing to draw is eyes. They fascinate me, for some odd reason, especially if they are somewhere other than on a face.

 No title

What would a site called Legend's Ghost be without a graveyard? Where are the ghosts, you ask? They're invisible, like every ghost I've ever met.

Early winter sunset on a distant planet

An experiment in mixing oil pastels and watercolors.

Imaginary pumpkin friend

Inspired partly by a character I imagined up (but never did anything with or told anyone about) when I was in college, and partly by my own obsession with outer space, the moon, and mismatched socks. Maybe someday I'll write a children's book and put this guy in it.

Clock from another world

The inventor's workbench

There's always something fascinating about finding an object and having no idea what it is or what someone might use it for. So many possibilities of what it might be or who might have made it or put it there. Sometimes knowing the answer takes away the mystery, and sometimes, it isn't knowledge we want, it's mystery and a chance to recapture our sense of wonder.

The man in the moon comes to visit

I got the inspiration for this one from George MacDonald's book At the Back of the North Wind. There is a scene where a child dreams she is invited to go inside the moon one night and finds out it's actually someone's house. Ever since I read that, I've been just a little jealous of that child.


The wall that keeps me from falling off the world

If the world were flat, someone would, at some point, build a wall to keep people from falling off...but I suppose no one ever thought of what might happen if someone tried to climb up the other side, now, did they?

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