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Dark secrets

Posted by Cherelle-Renee on Sunday, January 24, 2016,
I believe everyone has a dark secret: that embarrassing set of facts, feelings, and shortcomings they pray no one will ever find out, maybe not even their closest, most loving, most accepting friend. 

I've thought for a long time about whether to share mine here.

On the one hand, people I've tried to tell just didn't understand. They saw it as me being overly dramatic, making excuses for my shortcomings. I've tried my whole life to escape from this secret, moving to new places where no one kne...
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Cross-dressing zombie cowboys

Posted by Cherelle-Renee on Saturday, January 23, 2016,
High heels make me supremely uncomfortable. It's not just the constant feeling that they might slip out from under me and earn me a trip to urgent care for a sprained ankle. There's also all the uncomfortable things they represent: the idea that they're supposed to be the epitome of feminine sexuality, the idea that if I don't wear them, I'm either not a "real" woman or I'm terrified of my sexuality, the idea that it's part of this hazy concept of the collective feminine that I'm somehow lock...
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