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You can't have me

Posted by Cherelle-Renee on Sunday, February 7, 2016,
Eight years ago around this time, I thought you were trying to kill me.
I remember lying there in my pajamas, waiting for my brother to get me to the emergency room, thinking 25 was way too young to die, thinking, surprisingly, not so much of what awaited me next or how my family would cope when I was gone, like I'd always thought I'd think if I was dying, but of the unfinished musical project that I'd cared so much about yet never had had a chance to finish.
I remember the ER nurse asking me i...
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Snarky, with a touch of wit

Posted by Cherelle-Renee on Saturday, February 6, 2016,
Every day job I've worked has had the unspoken requirement that I be impeccably polite. Most of them have also included clueless customers who feel the need to either ask me overly personal questions or make blatantly sexist remarks. Standard protocol requires that I either deflect such remarks or answer them politely while offering very little actual information. 
However, my rather active inner snarky curmudgeon (can one be a curmudgeon at 33, or must one wait until they would be considered ...
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